About This Book

This book is less a labor of love and more a reflection of my own process and journey as a web strategist. Our field is constantly evolving. Through each iteration, we tend to shed the old skin of our past ideas for newer, fresher ideas that might not be reflective of where everyone is going. As someone who has synthesized world-class ideas and distilled them into something usable, I've long believed that web people need to be more aware of the complexities of our users and to design with those 'ordinary' people in mind.

Rather than solidify definitive ideas, this book is a compilation of topics I've been talking about over the past few years. I've come to realize that you can't only share your best ideas on a stage and hope they reach people and have been working to package these ideas into a form that can be more accessible to a wider array of the folks who can use these ideas to bolster their own cases for change within their organizations.

Recognize that my perspective is someone who has worked largely in big organizations. I've done consulting for corporate sites, but I've never been Employee #192212 at some giant corporation, so my influences are heavily biased towards large non-profit institutions, universities and government. I think there are lessons that apply to everyone in these scenarios and believe that you can learn a lot from the path I've trudged over a decade of professional pixelwork.

Hopefully, you'll agree. Thanks for reading.

Ron Bronson
February 2017

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